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Homepage Setup

By default, the theme will display a list of your latest blog posts on the homepage. To display the homepage template you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new Page named ‘Home’.
  2. Under template, select ‘Home Template’.
  3. Publish your Page.
  4. Navigate to Settings -> Reading. Choose to display ‘A static page’.
  5. From the dropdown list next to ‘Homepage:’ choose the page you just created.
  6. Press ‘Save Changes’.

Adding your content to the homepage

Navigate to your Dashboard ­> Appearance ­> Customize.

Click ‘Design Settings’ then ‘Hero Section Design’.

Here you will be able to add a Headline and text that will be placed on top of your hero section along with the search form.

You will be able to choose either a background color, image or video. Video is the highest
priority, so if both a background color and video are chosen, it will be the video that is shown.

Homepage Knowledge Section

The knowledge base is automatically generated using your Sections.

Sections are grouped by their parent. So for example in our demo, we have a ‘WordPress
Basics’ Section, and then it has six children, the first being ‘Installation’.

To create a Section, navigate to your Dashboard ­> Knowledge Base ­> Sections.

Then fill in the fields and click ‘Add New Section’.

To create a child Section, simply fill in the form as before, but this time choose a ‘Parent’.

You can now populate your Sections with Articles (Knowledge Base ­> Add New)