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Customizer Settings

To access the live Customizer, you may select the Customize button in the admin bar dropdown or select "Customize" from the Appearance menu in WordPress Admin. Note that you must be logged in as a site administrator in order to access the controls.

Theme Options

1. Site Identity

Set your site title, tagline, logo and the site icon. You can also choose to hide the site title and tagline if you are using an uploaded logo.

2. Colors

The ‘accent color’ is used throughout the theme to style links and buttons. The ‘accent hover color’ is what’s used when those elements are hovered over.

The background color setting changes the background of your entire website, the default is white.

3. Background Image

This option allows you to upload an image and use it as your site background. It’s extremely flexible in how you can show your image: stretched, repeated, fixed. Try it out!

4. Additional CSS

This setting allows you to add custom CSS in a way that won’t be overwritten when you update a theme, plugin or WordPress itself.

It also applies the CSS in real time so you can see what effect it has.