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Customizer Settings

Version 1.2.0 included some new customizer settings that allow you to easily change the appearance of your website:

Navigation Color

Under the ‘Colors’ section we have added a ‘Navigation Color’ control that allows you to quickly change the background color of your navigation. The best part is the dropdown and hover colors will automatically be changed to match your new color scheme too.

Header Image

We’ve added five new controls to the ‘Header Image’ section:

Header Height

The default (and minimum) header height is 173px. This option allows you to increase that number so your image displays better.

Header Background Repeat

If your image is a repeating pattern this option allows you to tile it horizontally, vertically or both.

Header Background Size

By default, your image will display at the size you upload it.

Choosing the ‘Cover’ option will stretch your image to fit the browser windows width.

Choosing the ‘Contain’ will also stretch your image to fit the width. However, it will stop when your image height begins to exceed the height of the Header Height.

Header Background Position

Align your image to the left, right or center of the header.

Scroll with Page

This setting works best when you have the ‘Background Size’ set to ‘Cover’ or you are using a repeatable background image.